Body sculpting is the name given to the wide range of medical procedures carried out to:

  • Shrink areas of stubborn body fat.
  • Reshape the body to give it a slimmer appearance.

There are many different body sculpting techniques—some surgical, some not. Which one is best for you would be determined in a consultation with the medical professional you visit for your treatment.


Aventurina – Sz Xs-5x

  • Strapless faja
  • Straps adjustable & removable
  • Single hook & zip closure
  • Shapes and molds butt, hips and waist
  • Contains Aloe vera, Vitamin E & Collagen (Signature Therapy)

Diamante – Sz XS- 5X

  • Faja with bra
  • Single hook & zip closure
  • Shapes and molds butt, hips and waist
  • Contains Aloe vera, Vitamin E & Collagen (Signature Therapy)


  • Adjustable straps
  • Molds waist & back and controls abdomen
  • Contains Aloe vera, Vitamin E & Collagen (Signature Therapy)
  • Silicone lace at bottom to prevent rolling
  • Encourages good posture


Getting a tattoo removed is a big step. Connect with us for a personalized quote to start your removal journey.Each session takes 15 minutes. We estimate three to five sessions to fade for a coverup piece and ten to twelve sessions for full removal based on tattoo colors and sizing.Most clients say that their laser tattoo treatment feels similar to being snapped by a rubber band and that the discomfort is roughly equivalent to having a tattoo applied.


f.a.q. saline tattoo lightening

See contraindications of microblading/ombre brows. 

This works on both cosmetic and conventional tattoos. Saline tattoo removal can be done on new cosmetic tattoos within 48hrs or 4 weeks after. Black tattoos are often more resistant to removal and may require extra sessions. If tattoo is covered in thick scar tissue more sessions may be required as well. 

Most clients describe the discomfort as similar to having the tattoo done. Anesthetic will be used to minimize pain and discomfort. Bleeding is normal and necessary for creating the “controlled scab”. Ladies be advised that during time of cycle, pain may be intensified. 

Each session is about 1-1.5 hours depending on size of tattoo and pigment used. You must wait 8 weeks between sessions

Pain, swelling, redness, bleeding, scabbing

-Hypo or hyperpigmentation (this is more common in darker skinned clients but can happen to all skin tones, patch test may be required)



-less than expected results- no guarantee tattoo will lighten